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SarDoriartisti: Our Favourite Pic Hunters Edition. TING TING HU!


Creative Life

A special wedding


What is your favourite word? I haven't any particular favourite word, I love french speech, so, can I say that I love french words? What makes you feel alive? Receiving a warm hug, eating pastries, riding bike, or taking a plane and landing in a new country. What is your favourite place? Here in Cagliari is surely a corner in Marina Piccola, I used to go there and talk till dawn. But I adore Montmartre Stairs to Sacre Coeur! I love to sit on the top and admire how beautiful is Paris. Which artist do you most admire? Monsieur Christian Dior. What is the last book you read?"Where the wild things are" written by Max Sendack. What is your favourite food? Pastries! Diabetes is around the corner!! Also Mashed potatoes! What talent would you like to have? When I was a little girl I used to imagine me playing piano... Actually I'd love to see throug "scratch and win" and obviously WIN! What your ideal day be like? Having Breakfast with a starbucks frappuccino, going to work as stylist of some fashion magazine. Dinner with friends and going to bed in a king-size bed. But It's an Ideal day like, in real life i sell shoes! What is your best childhood memory? The best childhood memory is when my mother came pick up me from my grand parents home, to join her. My parents lived in Italy, and me and my brother in Portugal. What is the best thing you took a picture of?I took a picture of a Carousel and I like it so much. What or who would you like to be in the next life? I like beeing me, maybe i'd love to have a ganerous banck account to satisfy my needs, and they are so much. But working hard makes you feel proud when you could buy something you really wish. (material girl!) Which piece of clothing would you be happy to wear for the rest of your life?Dresses, with long/short/mid skirts and a pair of comfy shoes. What is your biggest fear?Being alone. What is your greatest achievement so far?I was thinking about my life, and actually I don't see any achievement, it makes me feel a little bit sad, but i'm still young(ohhhhh). I have time.What makes you cry? When I fight with somebody I love. What makes you laugh? Funny tales and children playing. What makes a good friend? A good friend is someone you can call at 3 am and he/she is always there for you. Have you found true love? I think I've found it, and lost it. and found it again... but nothing is forever! What does freedom means to you? Possibility to talk, this is freedom to me. When was the last time you helped a stranger? Last week, I was offering a "Pardula" to a homeless and he refused .. bah! What objects can't you live without? My Canon Eos, my Iphone, lip balm and Dove cream. What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? Paris is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! What is your favourite scent? The scent of bakeries! Do you believe in a deity?No, I don't. Can you think of a fictional character from a film or a book that you kinda identify with?From "The Bonesetter's Daughter" - I identify myself as Ruth, she's a chinese girl, but her life is "americanized", and she discover her origins when two packets of papers written in Chinese calligraphy fall into her hands. In these documents her mother, born in China in 1916, has set down a record of her birth and family history, determined to keep the facts from vanishing as her mind deteriorates. What is the greatest thing you have learned? Life is like train station people come and stay for a while, others left, you're never alone.Who would you like to be kissed by? I kiss everyday my man, and it's ok for me. What is your greatest obsession?I'm a perfectionist, if a shoot is not like I've imagined, I'll try until is perfect. And so, in real life, if something is wrong I'll try to set up as I wish. What beliefs and ideals guide you through life? Truth, is something we need and we're looking for always. How would you like to be remembered? I'd like to be remembered as a good friend and as a good girl. What would you like to take a picture of among the things you didn't yet? A fashion show.

A special wedding
(SarDorialist's Choice!)

Thank you again Ting Ting, you got a awesome flickr and you've been supernice to us!
(If you'll learn to see through "scratch&win" please call me! ;) )



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