mercoledì 23 marzo 2011

Goodbye Liz!

What an icon!
I literally adore Liz Taylor. She's part of that True Divas Olympus that makes me dream since I was a little girl so I just wanted to write a little post about her as sarDorialist tribute to this woman who had an huge influence on pop culture not only as an awarded actress but also as a style icon.

That Face

Some might say her eyes were lavender, some might say purple but the truth is they were a mix of a few shades of a blue palette. Pretty unique colour I say.
She got face, look at the pics, honestly, she was stunning.

A Sexy Sexy Body

She once stated: "In those days few women worked out on a regular basis so I had no exercise program to keep me in shape. I adored horseback riding and I always enjoyed swimming and walking". Such a lady work-out routine!
Go ask my male friends if they'd rather dating a skinny polish model or a forty-year-old Liz Taylor look-a-like... Before answering you must know they're men blessed with good taste.
(Liz's waist measured 55 centimeters by the way and she could pull off an enviable 53 cm with her tight corsets. It's not like a skinny modern model, it's a FIFTYFIVE centimeters in a body with a true chest and a butt...Wow!).

Fashion Icon

It was really difficult to choose the right pictures here so I didn't. I put together random pics of her in black/white dresses and she always looks fierce. My Liz Fashion Picks would be both the infamous white dress worn on "Cat On An Hot Tin Roof" and the gorgeous lavender gown (designed by Edit Head) Dame Elizabeth wore at The 1970 Academy Awards which I couldn't find a full figure pic, I'm sorry (If you do, please send it to me at , thanks!).

I would totally wear all her 70's/80's caftans. I love caftans, they're one of my favourite pieces of clothing and she was a caftan goddess.

The Make Up

Dramatic eyebrows, smokey eyes and superthick faux cils. I learned to read on my granma gossip magazines and Liz photographs were everywhere so she definitely shaped my tastes in make up (and not only mine, right Angelina?). I also chose a few looks she sported on "Cleopatra", they speak by themselves. Did you know those looks were created by the brilliant italian make up artist Alberto De Rossi (also known for heading the make up team on "Roman Holiday", "Il Gattopardo" and many other masterpieces)?

The Jewels

Actually I collect failures, she collected jewels. She got so much beautiful bling-blings that P.Diddy should be ashamed to wear his tiny little stones 'cause there's no comparison!
From top left you see the Taylor-Burton Diamond (69,4 carat pear-shaped diamond in a Cartier-made necklace with other diamonds) and the same jewel worn with that Edit Head dress I was writing about above.
You can see, in the picture below, The Ring.
Oh that ring!
If "Lord Of The Rings" were about that ring I'd surely read the book.
It's the infamous 33,19 carat Krupp Diamond and that one would be worth three books and a lot of drama dear Frodo, not yours.
Then we have the last picture that shows a necklace with an huge pearl called La Peregrina, one of the Spanish Crown jewels also worn by Napoleone Bonaparte's brother when Spain was taken.
Needless to say Richard Burton was a man who always had good gift ideas.

So, goodbye Liz.
I've always wanted to be stylish and beautiful as you were and you know what? I never will but I'll do what I can: find a good bartender and drink a "Midnight Cownboy", your favourite one, to your legend. 'bye!



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